Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot Air Ballooning in Temecula

Hot air ballooning
Once you arrive in Temecula you will quickly learn that the Temecula Valley is namely known for two things, wine and hot air balloons.

While the local vineyards are lovely, and abundant, you can find wineries most anywhere you travel. What really makes this city unique is the fleet of hot air balloons that take flight nearly every morning. There are dozens of companies to trust to sail you into the sky; we would recommend Above The Rest Hot Air Ballooning, well, above the rest.

temecula hot air ballooningBeginning before the sun even rises an experienced team of balloon pilots and supporting ground crew tests the early morning air and promptly decides on a location for take off.

The team works quickly unfolding the larger than life nylon and Nomex balloon. Then using industrial strength fans they begin to inflate the 210,000 cubic square foot balloon.

From beginning to end, the experience is really rather spectacular. Each passenger gets to observe first hand how a balloon of such magnitude comes to life and then takes flight.

The feeling is nothing short of magical...

The truly enchanting part of the balloon trip begins the moment the basket leaves the ground. The feeling is nothing short of magical, as though you are being drawn into the sky by the unseen hand of some otherworldly force.

As the balloon gains altitude, the basket gently swaying, all you can do is watch in awe as the details of below disappear from sight and you are suddenly surrounded by nothing more than the big blue sky.

temecula hot air ballooning
temecula hot air ballooning
It’s a surreal feeling, to find yourself floating into the wide open air, comparable only to maybe actually flying. On an optimum flight morning, the sky will swiftly fill with dozens of brightly colored balloons in an almost jolly manner.

Passengers are laughing and pointing out sights far below, as their skilled pilots ease them into the wild blue yonder. The pilot navigates with knowledge, educates their onlookers throughout the flight, and then safely lands on a grassy knoll just as seamlessly as he left the ground.

temecula hot air ballooning
temecula hot air ballooning

You will be greeted upon arrival back on solid ground with a celebratory champagne breakfast. The pilot will then let you in on the secret of why it is customary to carry a bottle of champagne on every balloon flight. We’ll let you find the answer to that yourself.

The adventure takes just under three hours total, and is worth every moment and penny spent.

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