Redding, CA: Shape Up In Shasta Cascade

The breathtaking Shasta Cascade region offers world-class rivers, lakes and trails making it the perfect location to shape up with a plethora of outdoor activities....

Long Beach CA: Hotel Maya

Paying homage to this mysterious culture stands the Hotel Maya along the harbor in Long Beach. Complete with the unique and spectacular architectural style of the stepped pyramids, Hotel Maya welcomes guests into their "village" of modern structures assembled to create this luxurious seaside resort.

Murphys, CA: Murphys Haunted Hotel

When you arrive in the authentic town of Murphys, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, the locals will ask about where you are staying. If your response is Murphys Historic Hotel, expect the response to be, Haunted! That hotel is haunted!

San Diego, CA: The Keating Hotel

Southern California. Italian design. Ferrari. Stainless steel. Maserati. Bang and Olufsen. Rain showerheads. Just one of these by itself is damn sexy. Put them all together, add a king-sized bed, and you have the uber sexy Keating Hotel.

Arrowhead, CA: Mountain Swimming Hole

Nothing beckons the old days of hiking up the mountains to a nearby waterfall and jumping into the water feet first. Local photographer Sam Katz brings us back to those old memories with a look back.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pacifica, CA: Pacific Coast Fog Fest

Born in 1986 and now in its 27th year, The Pacific Coast Fog Fest was created to promote the City of Pacifica & to celebrate its marvelous coastal climate & community. This 2-day event brings in over 100 arts; crafts booths, a parade, a Fog Jog, a photo contest, a family fun area, a marching band competition, 3 stages of live music, tons of food and drink to satisfy any taste and has been known to attract up to 40,000 festival goers each day. Fog Fest has free admission and is always held the last weekend of September, along 8 blocks of Palmetto Ave, one block away from the ocean where the sun, sand and surf await.

This year Pacific Coast Fog Fest is proud to announce actor/comedian, Rob Schneider, as Saturday morning parade's Grand Marshall. Also, the Pacifica will be celebrating a historical milestone; 30 years of Family Fun Fest, which promises extra surprises!
The Family Fun Fest was developed 3 years prior to the creation of the Fog Fest. The two merged together, creating a long lasting partnership. The Family Fun Fest has also laid down the foundation for which many festivals and events today have modeled their family fun zones after.

The Fog Fest is proud to give back to its community organizations that participate and also to the, "Gift to Pacifica Fund." Fog Fest also strives to lessen our environmental footprint by moving towards zero waste. This year they will provide bike valet securing. So, locals are encouraged to ride a bike in, with family & friends and, the staff will take care of the rest! What's not to like? Visit their website or follow the Fog Fest on Facebook for details.

The Pacific Coast Fog Fest
September 29 - 30, 2012
City of Pacifica, Along Palmetto Ave.
Between Shell Street and Montecito Street

Monday, August 13, 2012

Long Beach, CA: The California Women's Conference

For nearly thirty years, women in California have enjoyed a conference that provided a forum for building successful businesses, strengthening careers, and positively influencing the world around them. The California Women’s Conference is continuing the tradition of empowering women and providing resources in every aspect of their lives, and embracing philanthropy by donating a portion of proceeds to charitable partners.

This year’s conference is scheduled for September 23rd and 24th, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center, and the theme is “The Women’s Economy Starts Here!” It will feature a vast marketplace of ideas, exhibits, and internationally known speakers. Included in the star-studded lineup are Donna Karan, Gloria Allred, Marcia Cross, Janet Evans, and many more top name speakers. For more information on the speaker line-up, please visit the website.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to purchase tickets to a phenomenal conference at a great price! Visit The California Women's Conference and use the discount code: CAROAD to get 10% off your ticket.

The California Women's Conference
September 23-24, 2012
(949) 218-0866

Long Beach Convention Center
300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 436-3636

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Orick, CA: Watch Deer Mating From Your Redwoods Cabin

deer redwoods cabins
Each autumn, California’s most public display of violent sex occurs at Redwoods National Park and  Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, near Orick, where testosterone-charged male Roosevelt Elk challenge each other for breeding rights to herds of female elk.

The often-bloody mating rituals are most easily seen near the Elk Meadow Cabins, six remodeled cabins within the elks’ mating area, that offer elk viewing packages in October. On lawns and meadows surrounding the cabins, from mid-September through October, male Roosevelt Elk are seen posturing and rising dramatically to lock antlers as they push one another back and forth to exhaustion in order to assert their dominance.

Roosevelt Elk (cervus elaphus candadensis) are the largest specie of elk in North America, averaging 875 pounds (398 kg) and standing 5 feet (1.5 m) tall at their shoulder. Their antlers are thick with vertical points and a distinctive crown or three-point tip. Some antler racks have been measured as big as six feet (1.8 m) and weighing 40 pounds (18 kg). A big rack is what impresses the females, as when it comes to bull elks, size matters.

While male Roosevelt Elk put on a terrifying display, their fury is focused entirely on each other. They are otherwise inquisitive but standoffish to people, which adds to their appeal to wildlife viewers. Rutting behaviors can be watched easily, without disturbing the elk, though viewers are cautioned not to approach the elk.

Elk herds consist of females and their offspring, in groups of 20-30 individuals. During rutting season the cows feed quietly, seemingly uninterested in the bulls until one wins out. He will then herd and mate with the cows while keeping other bulls from the harem.

The rut occurs randomly at any time of day or night, sometimes resulting in guests of the cabins being awaken in the middle of the night as two bulls fight one another. Otherwise, the elk spend much of their day seeking, eating, and digesting food with main feeding times at dawn and dusk.

At Elk Meadow, guests can choose from two October packages. On the “Elk Rut Package,” guests who stay any two nights at the normal rate of $219 per night (each cabin sleeps six), can stay for additional nights at half off, and up to four guests per cabin get a free, naturalist-guided elk tour provided by Redwood Adventure Tours, a local ecotour provider.

Guests who stay any three nights (Monday - Friday) in an Elk Meadow Cabin ($219) during October and who request the “Indian Salmon Package” when making their reservations, get up to four Indian-styled, barbecue salmon dinners with their cabin rental (served Wednesday evenings only). The dinners include fresh salmon barbecued on redwood stakes set around a fire made of local madrone and alder, in the traditional style of northwest California’s native Americans. The salmon is served with fresh salad, fruit, beverages (lemonade, water, coffee) and a cobbler usually prepared from local berries.

The “Elk Rut” and “Indian Salmon” packages can only be obtained in advance by calling (866) 733-9637. Guests must pick one or the other offer, as the packages cannot be combined. More information about the Elk Meadow Cabins is found online at

Redwoods Parks Lodge Company
7 Valley Green Camp Road
Orick, California 95555

(866) 733-9637

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Napa, CA: Napa Winery Inn

napa winery inn
The 59-room Napa Winery Inn, Napa Valley’s newest boutique hotel, opened its doors on July 1, 2012. The hotel offers guests an affordable Napa getaway and is centrally located just minutes from Napa’s best restaurants, wineries and attractions.

The Napa Winery Inn is affiliated with Choice Hotels as a Quality Inn. The hotel is centrally located within the heart of Napa Valley, just minutes from Downtown Napa, nearby Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga.

The Napa Valley is home to some of the world’s leading cuisine, wine and experiential attractions. The Napa Winery Inn provides comfortable boutique hotel lodging, and a friendly staff provides services to enable guests to enjoy their Napa Valley experience at an affordable price.

“The Napa Winery Inn offers guests the whole Napa wine country experience, as it is close to downtown as well as other popular Napa Valley destinations,” said Rick Swig, the hotel’s principal owner. “The Napa Winery Inn is service-focused to ensure guests a rewarding visit to Napa at affordable room rates.”

The Napa Winery Inn is the convenient location for travelers with business in Napa, while it is the perfect destination for a weekend away, weddings, business meetings for up to 35 persons and other special events. For travelers wanting to experience America’s premier wine, food, arts and wellness capital, the reasonably priced Napa Winery Inn provides a comfortable stay within their budget. Breakfast is included with every overnight stay.

The Napa Winery Inn was acquired on May 1, 2012. Previously, the hotel operated as John Muir Inn. After an investment of nearly $1 million in improvements, the new boutique hotel now features a refreshed interior design with new beds and linens, furnishings, upgraded meeting space, artwork, flat-screen TVs and high-speed wireless technology, plus new landscaping around the swimming pool and the building’s exterior.

To make a reservation for an upcoming stay at the newest boutique hotel in Napa, call 1-800-522-8999 or visit the hotel’s web site at

Napa Winery Inn
1998 Trower Ave.
Napa, CA 94558


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sausalito, CA: Sausalito Artists at Work

Sausalito Artists Work Labor Day 2012
Visit more than thirty artists at work in their beautiful, loft style studios; all under one roof. Purchase art from the local, talented, award winning artists. Why is this particular event different? You will have the opportunity to observe each artists unique approach to the creative process as it happens.

Sausalito Artists is a large group of talented, local artists. All of the studios are located in the historic Industrial Center Building. Nestled close to the San Francisco Bay, toward the North end of Sausalito, The Industrial Center building is steeped in the area’s ship building roots, and rekindled by the creative juices of a vibrant community of artists.

The 60th Annual Sausalito Art Festival is held September 1,2 & 3, 2012 over Labor Day weekend.

Sausalito Artists @ Work
Labor Day Weekend 2012
The ICB Art Studios
480 Gate Five Road, Sausalito
Saturday, Sunday & Monday
September 1, 2 & 3
11am to 6pm