Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Redding, CA: Shape Up in Shasta Cascade

The breathtaking Shasta Cascade region offers world-class rivers, lakes and trails making it the perfect location to shape up with a plethora of outdoor activities. Covering an area roughly the size of the state of Ohio, the Shasta Cascade has a vast, unspoiled, landscape of stunning vistas, towering volcanoes, alpine ranges, glaciers, waterfalls, whitewater, lush forests and pristine lakes and rivers, creating the perfect backdrop for a workout no matter your fitness level. California's Shasta Cascade contains seven national forests, eight national and state parks, the Trinity Alps, the northern Sierra Nevada and the California Cascade range.

The Sacramento River
California's Sacramento River is a major player for all of today's popular paddle sports. There are other rivers and lakes in the area where paddle enthusiasts can get their fix while burning calories. A few hours spent paddling down a river or around a lake can do wonders for your health:

Paddleboarding burns an average of 600 calories per hour
Kayaking burns between 360-950 calories an hour
Canoeing comes in at approximately 400 calories per hour
River Rafting burns at least 230 calories per hour
Explore Shasta Cascade's National Forests
The eight National Forests and numerous wilderness areas in the Shasta Cascade Region offer brilliant settings perfect for getting fit. The amount of calories burned hiking depends on how much you weigh:

130 pound person will burn 413 calories per hour
155 pound person will burn 493 calories per hour
180 pound person will burn 572 calories per hour
205 pound person will burn 651 calories per hour
The sport of Mountain Biking is also popular in this part of the planet. The varied terrain of the National Forests offers endless opportunities for mountain bikers. The trail from Shasta Dam to Sundial Bridge inRedding, called the Sacramento River National Recreation Trail, is 17.4 miles and has been recognized as the 7th best trail in California by Rails to Trails magazine. Even walking in this majestic location can burn calories.

For more information visit www.visitredding.com and www.shastacascade.com.

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