Monday, November 18, 2013

San Diego, CA: Food Truck Tuesdays in South Park

Every Tuesday evening you’ll find a mini food fair in South Park. Food trucks roll up to the Gala Foods parking lot at the corner of Grape and Fern Streets and offer all types of cuisine. You'll find a vast array of menu options such as grilled cheese sandwiches, ravioli, fish tacos, crepes, sliders, vegan meals, even patty melts from Corvette Diner. So is the food any good? Depends on what you order.

Possible options are the “Hi-So” slider from The Slider House. This little 2-ounce beef burger comes topped with prosciutto, arugula, gruyere cheese and garlic-lime aioli. Yum! It is about $4, which seems reasonable. The Green Truck, specializes in organic, sustainable food and one of it's offerings is pumpkin tacos, made with Suzie’s Farm heirloom pumpkin, caramelized onion, garlic crema, cherry tomato and onion sprouts. The cashier described them as “Christmas in your mouth,” and that’s accurate, because they tasted like pumpkin pie. Possibly too sweet for dinner, obviously depending upon your taste. Those two tacos cost about $8.

Another possibility is Italian food from Mangia Mangia Mobile: the catch of the day fish sandwich, the mushroom ravioli in a white sauce, and garlic fries. Reviews by attendees are mixed: fish sandwich wasn’t that flavorful, ravioli stuffing was good, but the white sauce was too dense, and the fries were OK. Price for that meal: $27. You can't beat the festive atmosphere, however. Frank Sinatra songs from Mangia Mangia’s speakers glided through the air as people mill about, looking at menus, and chatting with each other as they eat at the little tables. You can even shop for clothes from a mobile clothing boutique.

Other trucks that were there included: Grilled Cheese Gastrotruck, Ms. Patty Melt Food Truck, French
Crepes, and Mariscos Nine Seas (which is parked at Gala every day). Apparently the selection of food trucks changes weekly. Come to South Park and see what tickles your palette--every Tuesday from 5:30 to 8:30, Gala Foods parking lot, corner of Grape and Fern Streets.

Photos and article courtesy of South Park Scribe, your expert on all things in South Park San Diego!

Gala Foods
3030 Grape Street
(between 31st St & Fern St)
San Diego, CA 92102

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