Redding, CA: Shape Up In Shasta Cascade

The breathtaking Shasta Cascade region offers world-class rivers, lakes and trails making it the perfect location to shape up with a plethora of outdoor activities....

Long Beach CA: Hotel Maya

Paying homage to this mysterious culture stands the Hotel Maya along the harbor in Long Beach. Complete with the unique and spectacular architectural style of the stepped pyramids, Hotel Maya welcomes guests into their "village" of modern structures assembled to create this luxurious seaside resort.

Murphys, CA: Murphys Haunted Hotel

When you arrive in the authentic town of Murphys, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, the locals will ask about where you are staying. If your response is Murphys Historic Hotel, expect the response to be, Haunted! That hotel is haunted!

San Diego, CA: The Keating Hotel

Southern California. Italian design. Ferrari. Stainless steel. Maserati. Bang and Olufsen. Rain showerheads. Just one of these by itself is damn sexy. Put them all together, add a king-sized bed, and you have the uber sexy Keating Hotel.

Arrowhead, CA: Mountain Swimming Hole

Nothing beckons the old days of hiking up the mountains to a nearby waterfall and jumping into the water feet first. Local photographer Sam Katz brings us back to those old memories with a look back.

Friday, April 18, 2014

San Bernardino, CA-Hempcon

On Friday, April 18th and continuing on through the weekend, Hempcon is one of California’s biggest medical marijuana shows being held at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino. They cater to those who may be benefited from the medical use of marijuana*. This will be one of the premiere events of the year with a huge amount of exhibits including medical marijuana dispensaries, collectives, care givers, evaluation services, legal services, educational institutes, equipment, accessories, and much more.
Hempcon isn’t just for smokers though. It will be an educational event as well with a full weekend of seminars and presentations by industry leaders, advocates, and attorneys.  This convention is great for people wanting to learn more about the legal and medical side of marijuana. Doctors will be on hand to give evaluations and their opinions to weather medical marijuana is right for you or someone you know. Whether you are a patient or someone who wants to get educated more about medical marijuana, you have got to be there. Also you can come and enjoy some of the music entertainment provided by some well-known marijuana advocates. Tickets start at $20 at the door. For more information and a list of entertainers, visit the Hempcon website.

*All medical marijuana consumption is prohibited unless you provide proof of your medical recommendation from a doctor in accordance with PROPOSITION 215, the California Compassionate Use Act.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Los Angeles CA: MYTH Masquerade Ball

Have you ever wanted to attend a real decadent Faerie Tale Ball?

This is the MYTH Masque: an exquisite, transformational experience that fires the imagination and elevates the senses. High fashion meets high fantasy. In the spirit of MYTH, dismiss your mortal skin in favor of a truer form. The boundaries of reality are laughably defied as you become the impossible, through expression and costuming of the highest creative caliber. For one spectacular night, the chimerical energy you invoke is no fiction. This is make-believe, all grown up
. One might encounter a magnificent wolf, be beguiled by nymphs or ride an eight foot tall rocking unicorn.  MYTH Masque is a veritable feast for the senses that challenges its attendees to become 'A myth of their own making'.

The first two annual MYTH Masquerades debuted to enthusiastic crowds of award-winning costume designers, makeup-artists, avant-garde fashionistas and other wildly creative attendees. On May 24th, for its Third Annual Affair, MYTH spreads its wings at the spectacular Los Angeles Theatre, to present: ‘Thrice Upon a Dream’.  MYTH will transform the magnificent Film Palace into a playground for visionaries wishing to immerse themselves in a wonderland of inspiration.  Guests may escape into a night of dreams that offers an array of amazing visuals, music, dancing, live performances, drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and other tantalizing treats. 

Unique highlights of the Third Annual MYTH Masquerade Ball include 'Sanctuary of the Sirens,' wherein guests are invited to mingle with the Mermaids of MYTH. Music, artistry, dancers, and performance forge an elegant dreamscape of enchanted revelry where legend and inspiration come to play. These showcases of spectacles are able to weave themselves into the fabric of the fantasy. Masque guests can expect Electronica, 80s, Medieval and other styles of music that focus on instrumentation and expression. Energetic, well-known dance music will also fill the grand halls of the Los Angeles Theatre. Earlier in the evening, guests will enjoy a set of elegant Waltzes, as any formal ball should have. The dark-hearted denizens will dance to deliciously tenebrous tunes in the Chambre du Vampire, our exclusive vampire club, where guests can explore the darker, more seductive side of the ball, deep within the shadowy recesses of the Masquerade.

VIP Passport holders are escorted to the 'purple carpet' by Unicorn-drawn carriage, and formally heralded upon arrival in true regal fashion.  The VIP Reception also includes early evening entertainment, complimentary drinks from our Sponsors, a special champagne service by live Mermaids, as well as gourmet cupcakes and other enticing bites.  Our most esteemed guests will enjoy exclusive access to secluded VIP Lounges on each level of the Theatre.

Attendees will also discover imaginative and interactive photo-op areas throughout the Masquerade, in which to showcase their brilliant costumes and indulge their inner child. Formal portraits in the gorgeous Baroque Los Angeles Theatre are available, and enter your own impressive costume creations into a $500 First Place "Costumers' Challenge," with 2015 MYTH Masque tickets as additional prizes. Costumes (or black tie/formal attire with a mask) are required for this upscale affair.

Tickets are on sale online. Visit the site for a list of entertainers and more information. A portion of proceeds from ticket sales are donated to BUSTED FOUNDATION, an organization that supports breast cancer victims who are unable to cover the costs of treatment.