Thursday, September 6, 2012

Murphys, CA: Murphys Historic Hotel

murphys historic hotel

When you arrive in the authentic town of Murphys, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, the locals will ask about where you are staying. If your response is "Murphys Historic Hotel," expect the response to be, "Haunted! That hotel is haunted! Did you see Eleanor?"

Legend has it that a former chambermaid Eleanor waited 30 years for her new husband to return from the gold mining hills with their fortune until she died broken hearted at Murphys Historic Hotel. Certainly not the only ghost to haunt these halls, Eleanor has become the most notable of the cast of spiritual characters in permanent residence. Guests enjoy exchanging their encounters with one another and hotel staff, comparing thrilling notes of spiritual intrigue.

The hotel was built in 1856 and has been in service, never missing a day, to hotel guests since opening day. A former Wells Fargo Stage coach stop, Murphys is a registered National Historic Landmark having hosted such notable historic figures as Ulysses S. Grant, Mark Twain, Horatio Alger, Susan B. Anthony, JP Morgan, John Wayne, Sunny Ficus, and Charles Bolton, a.k.a. Black Bart the “Gentleman Bandit. Rich with history, legend, folklore and nostalgia, Murphys Hotel is a "must visit" for travelers with a thirst for yesteryear.

Divided in two sections, historic and modern rooms, travelers have options for their stay. Historic rooms are nearly perfectly authentic. Original hardwood floors, complete with the squeaks, grace each space. Elegant french doors, still fitted with the iron shutters that once saved the hotel from a town-devastating fire, lead to the second story veranda on street facing rooms. Period furnishings lend to the essence of the late 1800's still rich in the air. Equipped with a sink and electricity, these rooms utilize shared bathrooms. The 4 "water closets" are located at the end of a short hall, shared with 9 rooms, as well as 4 showers, all located in small, individual rooms. Lovely and sweet modern rooms come complete with all of the conveniences, for those who prefer to keep the "history" in the quaint town. Impeccably clean, intriguingly authentic and thoroughly enjoyable, even the mildest adventurer will relish their own step back in time.

The town of Murphys is filled with adorable shops and beautiful wine tasting rooms. With 16 tasting rooms within a short walking distance, Murphys Hotel is located in the prime spot for the wine lover. Nestled amongst the tasting rooms, cupcake shops, clothing boutiques, Indian curiosities, consignment stores, and antique dealers line Main Street for a exciting shopping experience. Our favorite find, and quietly deceiving by it's name, Murphys Motorcycle Company, evokes a sense of goods for the hardcore biker. Yet, surprisingly elegant clothing for ladies hangs within; high end, designer brands, beautifully made and so soft to the touch, women who've never touched a bike will find something she can't live without here. While the girls oooo and ahhh, the guys will enjoy the selection of awesome T-shirts and riding paraphernalia as well.

murphys hotel restaurant
Murphys Historic Hotel serves an array of dining options, from hometown breakfast to elegant dinner dining. The Famous Fried Chicken is "Andy Griffith Mmmmm mmmmm" good! Made by one of the hotel owner's himself, the chicken is amazingly tender and moist, with a perfectly spiced crust that is crispy and flavorful. Homestyle, country mashed potatoes, tender fresh vegetables, and heavenly chicken gravy complete the serving. A House Specialty, diners will long for the Old South with every bite.

Graced with the professional, kind and sincere staff, Murphys Historic Hotel meets every need for visitors, often before a request is made. Mention you're traveling around the state, and the front desk clerk offers a new National Geographic map. Ask a question in the restaurant about your food and the chef comes tableside to answer. Above and beyond expected service, the only disappointment guests will have will be leaving. Some hotels make one's stay lovely. Murphys Historic Hotel makes one want to just stay.

Murphys Historic Hotel
457 Main Street
Murphys, CA 95247

(209) 728-3444
(800) 532-7684


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