Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hollywood, CA: Hollywood Wax Museum

The world famous Hollywood Wax Museum is located off of Hollywood Blvd, near Mulholland Drive and is a great place to go for a pit stop. It is the only wax museum in the country devoted entirely to celebrity figures meaning it puts you face to face with some of your silver screen favorites. Everything from Hollywood stars, television personalities to characters from your fa
vorite movies. There are also sets devoted to the scariest and most memorable horror movie villains and blockbuster moments from the top 100 movies of all time.

When you are done there, take a walk across the street to the Pig N’ Whistle for a drink or two. One of the few remaining staples in Los Angeles that still offers patrons a true taste of “Old Hollywood” since opening its doors in 1927, the Pig ‘N Whistle has remained a cultural landmark. In addition to the comprehensive menu and bar, they feature Live Entertainment every Wednesday through Saturday in the Back Room along with Karaoke in the Main room every Wednesday and Thursday.

For more information on these places and special events, visit their websites. Pictures courtesy of Pig N’ Whistle. 


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