Monday, May 7, 2012

Cabazon, CA World's Biggest Dinosaurs

The T-Rex greets visitors upon entering
We have all driven by them, some of us have stopped to look at the two big ones in front, but even fewer of us have gone to the back to see the Museum. The "Worlds Biggest Dinosaurs" in Cabazon, CA is a hidden, small, but fun and educational time.

First, my kids and I started with a short little video that told us about all the things they have to do there. I was pleasantly surprised that they actually had interactive things for the kids to do. As we walked through their museum, we looked at the small robotic dinosaurs. They do move and, for the smaller kids, it can be a little frightening if you don't prepare them. A few of the dinosaurs have a seat on top and, for a small fee, children under 40 lbs. can ride them. The museum has things to buy so we could purchase a keepsake for the day.

Outside, as we followed the trail of dinosaur tracks, we came to the dinosaur dig. The kids dug in the sand to find rocks with a dinosaur name on them. When they found a rock they took it to the front desk and turned it in for a small prize. The kids really enjoyed that part!

Next, we arrived at the Gemstone panning.  For free, we panned for small rocks. They showed up in our pan as the sand fell through the grate and put them in the little bag they gave us at the front desk. For a fee, you can purchase a panning bag. The large bag contains larger rocks and gemstones. All the gemstones and rocks you find are yours to keep.

As we followed the trail, we saw a lot of other dinosaurs and boards full of information about dinosaurs and fossils. There is a small building on the trail that we went into to check out some fossils.

...inside the mouth of the beast!

Don't get EATEN!!
At the peak of our adventure, we came to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We went inside his body to find a few sets of stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs we were inside the mouth of the beast! You can look outside between his teeth and there is some room for a picture. How many opportunities do you have to have your picture taken inside a dinosaurs mouth?!

They have some tables set up so we could enjoy a picnic with the dinosaurs. Other than the stairs in the T-Rex, it was easy to get around and plenty of space for a stroller. The trail is outside so this would be an adventure for a good weathered day.

We were only there for about an hour and a half but had we known how much there was to do and that we could bring food we would have scheduled more time in the day.

Overall the kids had a good time.  It was small, but so was the fee to get in.  They had things to do so they were not bored and the educational boards added a little learning.

So, the next time you are planning a trip that travels down the 10 Freeway, stop in and visit "The World Biggest Dinosaurs."  It will give everyone some time to stretch their legs and add some fun and learning to your day.

Cabazon Dinosaurs and Museum
50770 Seminole Drive
Cabazon, California 92230

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