Friday, June 1, 2012

San Diego, CA: Lajollacooks4u Takes Guests on Two-Day Culinary Adventure

Lajollacooks4u provides private, hands-on cooking classes and dining experiences. Based in La Jolla, CA, Lajollacooks4u was the recent starting point for two guests from Pasadena who got to see and taste the flavors of Farmers’ Markets, bakeries and olive shops, in addition to cooking up a 5 course gourmet meal in the kitchen of Lajollacooks4u.

La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego, has long been a top destination for tourists with its idyllic Mediterranean climate, quaint shops and its beaches. Now the location getaway is also becoming a popular culinary getaway, thanks, in part, to Lajollacooks4u - the number one ranked tour destination on Trip Advisor.

Jodi Abel, founder of Lajollacooks4u, said her guests are looking for a complete cooking experience and that includes visiting local farmers’ markets,foodie tours and, of course, hands-on cooking classes. "Not only do we teach how to cook a delicious, nutritious meal, we create memories that will last a lifetime,” Abel said. Abel added that her guests want a unique experience." Our two-day Culinary Adventure gives our guests something very unique and special. We specialize in Californian Cuisine; a cuisine that generates its heritage from the abundant locally grown produce and infuses Latin and Asian flavors."

Lajollacooks4u offers guests the opportunity to customize their menu and recipe selection based on their palate preferences. The location provides a very intimate and beautiful setting, allowing guests to relax, sip wine, listen to music and have plenty sample tasting along the way.

Loretta Smith and her dear friend and business partner, Tillie Collins, recently visited Lajollacooks4u for a two- day culinary adventure that began with an evening gourmet cooking and dining experience. This was followed up with a unique foodie tour the following day, culminating with a farm-to-table Asian influenced cooking class and meal. Smith and Collins are both seasoned cooks and have been on several other culinary vacations. "The two days we spent with Jodi where so much fun and special; we learned a lot and we’re excited to try her recipes at home" Smith said.

Lajollacooks4u, founded in 2008, provides an ideal activity for couples, corporate team building, special occasion celebrations and any foodie looking for a cooking and culinary experience in an ideal setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Based in La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego, CA, Lajollacooks4u has enjoyed record growth since its inception and has been ranked the number one attraction in La Jolla on the world’s largest travel review site, Trip Advisor.

For more information, contact Jodi Abel at jodi(at)lajollacooks4u(dot)com or phone 1-858-752-4980.

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