Tuesday, December 17, 2013

San Diego, CA: Beerology and Craft Beers

In San Diego craft beer is a prevalent part of the dining culture. Nothing represents this better than the Beerology exhibit at The Museum of Man in Balboa Park which is running through the Summer of 2014. This is evidenced by the booming number of local craft breweries in the area pumping out beers from special blends and labeled with enticing names. On any night of the week local beer drinkers can enjoy Double Bastard, Pearl Necklace, Belching Beaver, Satanic Chimp, Red Headed Hop Child, or Old Viscosity.

Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, and other cultures are represented in this exhibit and their strange, albeit clever brewing arts. The headhunters from the Amazon, chewed poisonous cassava root to create their unique beer (although the exhibit points out they rarely go headhunting any longer). Women of one tribe chews roots and spits them back into a bowl, which is then fermented and brewed to create the special "craft" brew.

The history of beer is quite fascinating dating back to the beginning of recorded history. The production of beer is credited with the creation of mathematics, property ownership, record keeping, and medicine. From Mesopotamia to San Diego, California, beer has been a healing and convivial part of our culture for over 10,000 years.

After enjoying the exhibit, one can travel to a number of local breweries to imbibe. Monkey Paw Brewery, Mission Brewery, Stone Brewery, Green Flash, Alesmith, Acoustic Ales and Ballast Point, all have tasting rooms within a short drive of Balboa Park. Most serve only beer, no other drinks or food, and are designed for the taste buds of the true beer connoisseur. But to enjoy a variety of beers in one location, and perhaps some delicious cuisine that compliments the local frothy broths, plenty of restaurants keep a good reserve on hand.

57 Degrees carries a nice variety of beer as well as being a wine retail store, wine bar, wine storage facility, and restaurant. Scrumptious selections of food, wine and of course, beer are available in this contemporary and lively venue. Serving also as an event facility, there is no shortage of vibrant and stimulating energy among the patrons and staff. To enjoy the perfect beverage while taking in the perfect sunset, overlooking San Diego Bay, 57 Degrees is the best location for a laid back vibe to end the day.

Another fantastic brewery that has it all, delectable food, a variety of drinks and of course, some of the finest craft beer, is Hillcrest Brewing Company. Touted as "The World’s First Out and Proud LGBT Brewery", HBC is located next door to the iconic Hillcrest Pride Flag and serves some of the best pizza one can find in San Diego. Hillcrest is known for it's wide variety of open-minded lifestyles and HBC seems to be a central location for locals and visitors alike to let their hair down and be real. The raucous laughter of the beer and pizza consumers is consistent from open to close here.

For more information on the Beerology exhibit visit their website.

San Diego Museum of Man
1350 El Prado, Balboa Park
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 239-2001


  1. How large is the beer exhibit? Looking in from the door it doesn't look like there is much to it. If I am short on time is it worth it just for the beer exhibit?