Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cody's of La Jolla

After a morning in La Jolla amongst bustling beach goers and impatient tourists, the afternoon begs for a quiet lunch on a sunny patio. Of which Cody's is more than happy to deliver both.

Tucked several blocks away from the busy beach, but still within view of the crashing waves, Cody's is the perfect place to relax in peace and enjoy a delicious meal.

cody's la jolla
Their ambiance combines modern rustic decor with welcoming pop-bright accents. Potted succulents sit upon reclaimed wood tabletops while paisley pillows nestled in bright green patio chairs tempt weary travelers to sit and rest for a while.

The menu offers fresh seafood favorites in classic preparations, or a delightful brunch, should you arrive in time.

Cody's fish and chips is a restaurant favorite at the genuine recommendation of anyone who has tried it. Lightly battered Pacific Cod is served atop a slightly salty handful of fresh cut french fries, topped with the world's best onion rings, and finished with a side duo of homemade sauces for dipping.

cody's la jolla
Their Grilled Crab Cakes, served with a tomato basil tartar, receives similar 5-star reviews of "yummy" and "amazing."

5-star reviews of yummy and amazing!

While Cody's is only open for breakfast and lunch this sunny spot is well worth squeezing into any (and every) trip to or through La Jolla, California.

Cody's la jolla

Cody's La Jolla
8030 Girard Avenue
San Diego, CA 92307

Website: Cody's La Jolla


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