Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla

la jollaLa Jolla, California is a peaceful beach city nestled off the Pacific Coast near San Diego. Known for it’s laid-back lifestyle and high-end boutiques, this little town is the ideal retreat to rest and relaxation.

Upon outward appearance The Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla is exactly everything you would imagine a beachside B & B to be. Deemed a beach boutique hotel this little fifteen room Inn offers thoughtful amenities and old fashioned charm that has ceased to exist most place else.

As you enter through their vintage front door the friendliest face will greet you with a warm hello before promptly showing you to your corner of their romantic hideaway. Each room is decorated in a distinctively commemorative fashion that feels cozy and unique.

Nestled among lush trees in a garden like setting, both the views from your room, and the actual outdoors are beautiful to take in while enjoying your stay.

la jollaThe late afternoon offers an impressive complimentary spread of wine and fine cheeses to send you on your way to dinner down town. If you so wish, your hosts will recommend a dining destination within walking distance to suit your particular taste buds.

After returning from a night out enjoying La Jolla, your comfortable room awaits to lull you into a peaceful sleep. Armed with plush robes and all the necessary amenities, each room is fully ready to make your stay as comfortable as is possible.

A hidden place to stay that exudes charm and appeal.

In the morning, before you embark on your day, settle in for a three course breakfast served on fine china in the original formal dining room. Each plate is cooked with love and care and set before you to enjoy at your leisure.

What most modern chains lack in every arena, The Bed and Breakfast Inn offers ten fold. Should you find yourself looking for a hidden place to stay in La Jolla that exudes charm and appeal then you shall look no further than one block off the water at this little Inn.

la jolla

The Bed and Breakfast Inn at La Jolla
7753 Draper Avenue
San Diego, California 92037

Local: (858) 456-2066
Toll Free: (888) 988-8481
Website: Inn La Jolla


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